HairXperts Grand Prize: R250 000.00
Viewers Choice: R30 000.00
Technical Excellence: R30 000.00
youngXpert: R30 000.00


AMKA Products (Pty) Ltd, Sofn’free and Sofn’free HairXperts, referred to as Sofn’free throughout this document, reserves the right to amend the rules should it be deemed necessary. 2. Sofn’free reserves the right to cancel any and all stages of the competition and revise the stated dates should it be deemed necessary. 3. In order to enter Sofn’free HairXperts you must be over the age of 18 years, practicing as a hairstylist in South Africa, and for the YoungXpert category you must be a minimum of 16 years old and be currently enrolled as a hairstyling student in a recognized institution, with a valid South African identity document or work permit and a valid South African bank account, excepting employees of Sofn’free, AMKA Products (Pty) Ltd, their families, advertising agencies and distributors. 4. If the winning stylists are not formally qualified, it will be a requirement to obtain a Hairdressing Trade Test qualification within a pre-determined time after the competition. Assistance will be given in this regard. 5. An independent panel of recognised, qualified hairdressing experts will judge each stage of the competition. 6. Contestants’ and finalists’ work submitted or shown in any and all sections must be original and unpublished, and will belong to Sofn’free, and may be used without further discussion for publicity, commercial, promotional and media purposes and at no cost to Sofn’free. 7. Contestants and their models will be required to sign a release form stating that all still and video images taken during the various stages of Sofn’free HairXperts 2017 will belong to Sofn’free and may be used without further discussion for publicity, commercial, promotional and media purposes, and at no cost to Sofn’free. 8. All contestants must be prepared to be interviewed on video and/or photographed prior to and after the events. 9. The four winners from the Grand Final for the Grand Prize, Technical Excellence, YoungXpert and Viewer’s Choice Award will be required to give 5 days in the year to share their experience at Sofn’free HairXperts events, at no cost to Sofn’free. 10. We will be rewarding Salon Owners for supporting their Stylists and Sofn’free HairXperts. Should your Stylist be one of the Grand Final winners, you will receive equal to 10% of your Stylist’s prize in stock. The Salon Name and Owner ID number presented on this registration form will be the only details deemed valid. Sofn’free will not be held liable for any disagreements/misunderstandings between stylists and salon owners. 11. All contestants’ work may not be published without the written permission of Sofn’free. 12. Transparencies will be required of work for press release purposes. 13. All completed photographic entries must either be handed to an official Sofn’free HairXperts Masters Challenge representative, mailed or uploaded to the addresses and numbers listed herein. 14. Sofn’free takes no responsibility for non-receipt or lateness of entries. 15. The closing date for the Photographic Submission is 15 August 2016. Contestants will be notified telephonically if they have qualified by the following week. 16. All electrical equipment to be used by finalists during the competition will be tested for electrical faults before the competition. Faulty equipment will be stored in a safe place for the duration of the competition, and returned afterward. Two or more appliances may not be wired into a single plug. Each contestant will have two plug points available for use. 17. By entering the competition and/or accepting the prize, entrants, finalists and winners acknowledge that neither Sofn’free, AMKA Products (Pty) Ltd nor their agents, distributors, suppliers or employees will be held liable for any loss or damage to any of the assets of/or any injury to the contestants or finalists, their teams or other persons in Sofn’free HairXperts arising from whatsoever cause. 18. Where any discrepancy arises in the competition, the final decision will be at the sole discretion of Sofn’free. 19. Contestants not present, on time, at any pre-production and preparatory sessions, rehearsals and any stage of the competition including the Grand Final will forfeit all claims. 20. Any breach of the rules or conditions for entry including tardiness and bad time keeping, including the failure to meet pre-arranged travel plans will result in immediate disqualification. 21. The judges’ decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into thereafter. 22. The prizes are not transferable. 23. The top 14 contestants from the previous 2 years Sofn’free HairXperts competitions are excluded from entering the competition. 24. AMKA (Pty) Ltd, Sofn’free and Sofn’free HairXperts complies with the Protection of Personal Information Bill of South Africa, which regulates the Processing of Personal Information. By entering the competition and/or accepting the prize, the entrants and winners and their companions allow AMKA Products (Pty) Ltd and Sofn’free to use their personal details for publicity, promotional and prize-related activities in line with the Protection of Personal Information Bill of South Africa.

Creative team

Our Sofn’free HairXperts Creative Team consists of highly acclaimed industry hairdressers.

creative team 2
creative team 3
creative team 1

Sofn’free Products

These are the products that the Top 18 had to use to master each challenge.

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